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Bullmastiff house training

Bullmastiffs are generally smart and obedient dogs that have been bred as working dogs, so they don’t need a lot of time to adopt new skills. This, however, is not always obvious as they are very young, as puppies can sometimes be a bit difficult to house train.

When you bring your new Bullmastiff puppy home take him to the crate that you have prepared for him. Once he learns that that is where he is expected to sleep he will start considering it his home and will never soil it unless it is too large or if you leave him closed in there for a very long time.

Photo of a 5 months old Bullmastiff named Hugo, enjoying his day on a leather sofa.
Thanks Kirsty for sending us the photo.

Puppies have very small bladders and have to go quite often, so observe you dogs behavior closely when you put him in the crate. You should probably recognize the need to go in his body language. If you don’t take him out in time, criticize him in a low tone of voice if he eliminates in the house. Bring him out immediately and if he continues eliminating while he is outside, even a little bit, immediately commend him and give him a treat.

In time you’ll learn to recognize the signs in time and manage to take the dog out before he has an accident in the house. But you shouldn’t always wait for him to tell you that he needs to go out. Instead, while he is still very young, you might want to take him out every half an hour, and when you do repeat a set phrase such as “let’s go”, or whatever you might feel suitable. The dog will learn to associate the praise with going to the potty and in future when you take him out and say the phrase he will know what is expected of him. Every time the dog goes to the potty outside reward him with verbal praise and a treat.

It is very important to punish the dog only if you catch him in the act of soiling inside the house, if you find the evidence later, just clean it up, if you try to bring the dog to the “scene of the crime” and then punish him you’ll just be sending mixed signals and confusing the puppy. Also you need to know that you should never physically punish your dog, this is true of all breeds, but especially so with Bullmastiff as they are great at telling what your tone of voice means, and physical punishment can only be counterproductive, not to mention cruel.

This process might occasionally take a bit longer than you might like it to take, but if you are patient with your dog, if you keep him well supervised while he is young and if you learn to recognize the signals he is sending, you’ll be able to house train your Bullmastiff and in the process make a foundation of a beautiful friendship.

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